Who are the members of Hotel Ugly?

Hotel Ugly is an ongoing accumulation of musical creations self produced by American songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mike Vince. With the help of his bandmates, he has become known for his euphoric tunes and highly eccentric live performances.

Where is Hotel Ugly from?

Hotel Ugly has its roots in Houston, Texas. The band, immersed in the vibrant and diverse music scene of Houston, has significantly influenced its innovative sound, allowing it to emerge as a unique entity in the indie music domain.

How many people are in Hotel Ugly?

Mike Vince is credited as the key member of Hotel Ugly. While there are other musicians and artists collaborating in various capacities.

What genre is "Shut Up My Mom's Calling"?

"Shut Up My Mom's Calling" can be described as an indie music track that embraces both classic and experimental indie vibes. The song blends playful melodies with relatable narratives, making it a standout hit within the indie music scene and contributing significantly to the rise of Hotel Ugly within the industry.